Curly – Media for Youth by Youth

Curly strives to enable young people to use different forms of media to get their voices heard. We offer leisure activities for young people over 13 years, for example, a weekly magazine group and mediacamps in summertime. We also provide educational material that youth workers, teachers and parents can further adapt to use in teaching media skills and media awareness to young people.

The organization’s magazine, Curly, is published four times a year. Participants of the workshop produce the articles and illustrations for the newspaper themselves with the help of the editor-in-chief. Young people from all over Finland can also write for the magazine, and sometimes guest writers from other countries might submit articles. If you are interested in writing for the magazine, please contact the editor-in-chief, Pipsa.

All the workshops provided by Curly are mainly free of charge. Other activities organized by Curly include, for example, a photography course and a summer camp which focuses on media education. The aim of the media camp is to teach young people the basic techniques of photo and video production, filming and editing, as well as to introduce them to different types of social media, while also giving them an opportunity to create projects on themes that are relevant and interesting from young people’s point of view.

If you got interested in joining one of our workshops or would like to find out more information about Curly as an organization, please contact Pipsa Sinkko-Westerholm by e-mail: curlynpipsa(a)gmail.com or by phone: +358-400-934455.

Kerro kaverille:

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